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Carrot's Top 5 Tips For Great Explainer Content

We’ve all been there. When you just want to find that key piece of information. You’re often mid-task and need this final stepping stone to succeed. So, you type in your query and click a video. The clock is ticking and the video is 3 minutes long. ‘Don’t worry’ you say to yourself ‘they’ll cut to the chase early doors’ the other 2:30 of the video will just be additional info. You watch the first 30 seconds. It’s not there. And then it descends, increasing the playing speed to x2, making a desperate lunge for the scrolling button in a last ditch attempt to end up at the right part of the video. Back to the search results page to start the ordeal all over again.

It’s not a pretty picture. And that's the tough thing about explainer content. It seems so obvious to get right. But all too often we find ourselves traipsing through reams of information, is it any wonder it feels like finding a needle in a haystack? So, here’s our Carrot top 5 tips for better explainer content:

  1. Research research research

Before launching head first into explaining how your product works, it’s critical you get an understanding of what content topics will most benefit your customer. What are they struggling with? What part of your product is tricky or unclear? So use that data, get online and see what’s being said in forums and on social posts. Keyword data is also crucial here. It’s all about mapping the content in a way that unpacks the pain points of your audience.

  1. Make it short, really short ..

Distill distill distill. Even if you’ve got a lot to say, concentrating your content down to its most simple and ‘need to know’ functions will be key to keeping your audience engaged.

In this game, seconds matter. Explainer videos less than 15 seconds long are shared a massive 37% more often. But, we know a 15 second short isn't always enough to get the point across so at Carrot we try and keep explainers below 1 minute. This is the point at which viewers tend to lose interest and drop off entirely.

  1. The script could not be more important

With limited visuals and time, the script of your how-to video has a lot to do. Getting your script finessed is the vital part to get right for a useful and successful piece of content. Whatever the strategy behind the video, it needs to be articulated in a few words or a few lines, no amount of visual creativity will make up for an unclear script. The truth is, the more you tell people the less they’ll remember, so the words need to get the point across succinctly.

Key here is interrogating each word. Is it needed? Is it doing its share of the heavy lifting to communicate the key information? Remember, an explainer video is a quick overview of pertinent information, not a detailed instruction manual. Aim to cover the problem, the solution and a branded call to action. It doesn’t need to be more complicated than that.

  1. Use a voice that resonates

As we’ve seen the script is super important, so it makes sense the person reading those carefully chosen words is also pivotal. At Carrot, we always recommend using a professional voice that has a natural affinity with the product or service you're explaining. It needs to be engaging, but at the same time be clear and intelligible so key pieces of information are not lost on the consumer. There’s little point explaining how an intricate technology product works with that deep movie trailer style voice. It’s all about balance.

  1. Visuals aren’t everything

Whilst we know video content increases knowledge retention, as we’ve seen it’s more important to crack the script and VO. The visuals are intended as a supporting feature to back up the information being presented in the script. It’s easy to fall into the trap of introducing additional information with the visual, but this can be confusing and distracting. This is especially the case when what’s being said doesn’t match up to what's being seen on screen. Remember, we’re here to reassure consumers they’re on the right track and that our product or service is user friendly. Keep visuals simple and easy to understand.

To check out some of our killer how-to content contact the team at

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