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Different audiences have different learning styles.

We use our experience to plan and curate the education experience for the right shopper, and in the right channels.

We provide a range of services to help shoppers fully understand your product...
  • Conceptual shopper education campaigns

  • Full suite design and production services

  • Face-to-face product demos

  • Social management

  • Virtual demos

  • How-to videos

  • In-home

  • Outdoor

  • Online

  • POS

  • Content creation

Carrot E-learning Content

At Carrot we create bespoke learning content for global businesses. For us, all learning has to start with the individual learner. We think ‘what does this person need to better achieve their goals and the goals of their organisation?’ Then we get to work building the most effective tools


  • With everything from sales training and product education, to compliance and safety, our bespoke content brings together learning science, creativity and a learner centric approach that motivates, inspires and drives results

  • It’s got to be engaging, it’s got to be text light and snackable and most importantly, it’s got to be fun

  • Our e-learning takes the form of short animated videos, gamified mobile apps, and the most interactive content and quizzes. We also ensure that our content can be integrated into any LMS not just our own system, to give our clients the flexibility they need

Carrot E-learning

Face -to-face Training

For many businesses, online training delivers exactly the right blend of ease and convenience. However, there are many businesses and situations when training retail staff face to face is the right option. There are a number of advantages to conducting training face-to-face as opposed to doing so online

  • Physical involvement and interaction are still proven to be the most effective ways to learn

  • Face-to-face training allows staff members to work with one another and develop strong bonds in a business environment

  • Training in person allows trainers and management teams to see exactly how staff respond and integrate the information that they are given throughout the training programme


From tactical short term training tours to permanent ongoing training programs, Carrot’s retail education team will work with your business to ensure your face-to-face strategy delivers results. We offer a range of face-to-face training services from content creation through to the provision of dedicated face-to-face trainers.

Face to face

The Carrot Learning Management System

  • The Carrot learning management system is a cloud-based application that allows you to manage all e-learning formats from one centralised platform

  • The LMS is a fast and secure system that can be accessed from anywhere with its fully responsive functionality

  • The system is perfect for hosting all learning content with additional capability to track and analyse learner progress. It can host certification and compliance processes, and quickly build bespoke learner journeys


How-To Videos

  • Did you know consumers are 131% more likely to purchase from a brand immediately after they consume educational content?

  • At Carrot we leverage animation, video content and much more to get your key messages to consumers in visually stunning shorts

  • What they need to know, in the most effective format, nothing more, nothing less

How to videos
"These days, people want to learn before they buy, be educated instead of pitched."

Brian Clark

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